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We don’t claim to change the world; we help people change the way they respond to it.

Increasingly, employers and health care professionals are now becoming aware of the benefits of supporting the development of their employees and patients through training in Mindfulness.

Re-Mind is a training organisation dedicated to enhancing wellbeing through mindfulness. Our expert training programs help people in the workplace to take control of (and realise responsibility for) their psychological and physical wellbeing. Similarly, we help people diagnosed with stress overload, anxiety, and long term health challenges learn how to mindfully manage their conditions so their ‘illness’ no longer defines them. We teach and demonstrate achievable, practical and lasting key life skills that promote mindfulness, self-awareness, stress reduction, mental and physical health, and increased self-reliance.

Our teaching programme is energised, interactive, enlightening and engaging. The impact and benefits of mindfulness are now widely recognised by both scientific and secular communities as important skills that are essential for thriving in an age of unprecedented stress and anxiety.

Our Vision:

The happier and healthier an individual, the more likely they are to be living and practicing mindfulness. The same applies to organisations, groups and communities. Re-Mind’s vision is to see Mindfulness permeating every level of life so that all people can experience and contribute towards a more mindful and more compassionate society for happier and healthier living.

At Re-Mind we believe that Mindfulness is not a destination, or a place to get to, it’s about being here right now - fully engaging with the present moment. Our ultimate goal is to help people into greater self-awareness, a process that naturally triggers new levels of self-responsibility, self-compassion, and immediate identification AND ERADICATION of negative and anxiety-based thinking patterns and behaviours. In our vision, the fast approaching future is a world where Mindfulness is a way of life and a way of being for all – a society where people live according to mindful values, and where the practice of those principles becomes as habitual and as normal as brushing our teeth. We see a future where mindfulness moves each of us beyond the constraining urgency of our immediate point of view (and indeed the emotional attachments that come with it) towards a new perspective of viewing points – we see choice!

We see a future in which every one of us can each actively step into our own lives, and begin to take conscious control of the way we think about and respond to the world spinning around us. We see a world where taking a simple mindful moment to pause (before we act) can hugely determine the quality of our experience and our overall wellbeing. A future where we intentionally stop, breathe and catch up with ourselves; a future where less can be a great deal more!

We see a more enlightened, more informed and more conscious society where co-operation and inter-connectedness replaces separation, where compassion is more than a word, where self-awareness and self-responsibility release us from the grip of stress, anxiety and auto-pilot living, and where wellbeing at work and in life is a truly felt, ongoing, day-to-day experience.

Our Mission:

With 25 years experience supporting clients towards enhanced wellbeing, and combining our passion and belief with innovative and powerful learning modules, our aim is to train, educate, open and inspire people to embrace mindfulness - not just as a tool, but as a way of being. We know and we believe that once people have understood and, more importantly, directly experienced the proven and evidential benefits of mindfulness practice, then work, relationships, health, purpose and overall wellbeing changes for the better. We aim to achieve this through innovation, education, information and inspiration. We work professionally and creatively with organisations, groups and individuals to Re-Mind people about the benefits of living and working according to mindful practices for the greater wellbeing of individuals, organisations and communities.

Mission statement:

We believe that Mindfulness will significantly inform the future of thinking! Harnessing the incredible ground swell that is now global as organisations and individuals from all walks of life begin to connect with mindful practices, Re-Mind promotes mindfulness and mindful living as a direct route map to enhanced wellbeing - and as a working antidote to the unprecedented stresses and challenges of living today. We seek to work with and nurture organisations and individuals from all areas of business and society, sharing our knowledge, and enabling and inspiring people to embrace Mindful principles for the betterment of their own wellbeing and the enhancement of society as a whole.


city of london

City of London

We are delighted that City of London Corporation through their charitable arm of City Bridge Trust have granted the Charity Positive East a grant of £35,000 to enable us to pilot the mindfulness programme into the commercial market targeting the health sector.


Re-Mind will be targeting certain CCGs and NHS Trusts in 2017 and beyond to demonstrate the power of mindfulness to improve the wellbeing of people living with Long Term Conditions as well as the wellbeing of staff working in the Trusts.


These interventions will reduce patient demands of their GPs and improve the resilience and therefore the productivity of the NHS staff and hence their productivity.  Both of these goals are a contribution to relieving the increasing stress that the health sector is suffering from at present.

big potential

Big Potential

We are pleased to announce that the Big Potential Fund (part of the Big Lottery) has granted the charity some £28,000 to support the charity and its trading arm PP Enterprises to ready itself for trading commercially. We look forward to completing the skills training involved and the longer term sustainability of the work of the charity through generating our own income.


Mindfulness for Workplace Wellbeing

Mindfulness as a Health Intervention for Stress, Anxiety & Long Term Conditions

Mindfulness for Workplace Wellbeing
Module 1

Delivered in 3 x 3 hour modules. We purposefully separate each training session by 4 weeks to allow participants time to practice techniques & note benefits and changes.
All modules are interactive and include discussion, individual and group exercises, practical examples of all mindful techniques.
  • What is mindfulness, why is it relevant, who is using it and why now?
  • Background & origins; benefits; misconceptions;
  • Bringing it to life - Mindful focusing exercises
  • 5 reasons why 2016 will be characterized by an increasing movement towards mindfulness
  • Starting to practice Mindfulness
  • Exploring benefits, practical applications, blocks & obstacles
  • Body scan: practical example of mindful meditation
  • Present moment check list
  • Feedback & Prep for Module 2

Mindfulness for Workplace Wellbeing
Module 2

  • Recap of session 1
  • Group Feedback from practice experience
  • A mindful response to workplace stress and anxiety
  • Mindful listening and communication skills
  • Pausing for performance and presence
  • Resilience & emotional intelligence
  • Developing living in the present moment
  • Using mindfulness to explore challenging & difficult situations at work
  • Prep for Module 3

Mindfulness for Workplace Wellbeing
Module 3

  • Recap of sessions 1 & 2
  • Group Feedback from practice experience
  • Mindful eating, exercise and relaxation
  • Creating mental white space – releasing the old to embrace the new
  • Steps to a wise mind
  • Values & Mindfulness & work
  • Key messages
  • Group feedback

Mindfulness as a Health Intervention for Stress, Anxiety & Long Term Conditions

Course attendees learn to:
  • Self-manage any health condition(s) they may have
  • Reduce the suffering associated with their health condition(s)
  • Contextualise their health condition so it no longer defines them
  • Improve wellbeing by enhancing self-awareness
  • Manage thoughts and emotions through easy to learn mindful practice techniques
  • Values & Mindfulness & work
  • Transition back into activity, creativity and productivity
  • Positively shift from victim of condition to taking active control of their lives again
  • Reduce dependence on GP’s, doctors and support services and increase autonomy, self-management & confidence
  • Recover from the shock of diagnosis
  • Not be overwhelmed and remain aware, calm and steady through life’s ups and downs

Similar to our training programs helping people to manage wellbeing in the workplace, the learning modules for mindfulness as a health intervention are structured around interactivity and include individual and group learning exercises; practicing mindfulness techniques for self-awareness and the management of pain, illness and stress; group led discussions around topically relevant health issues, including diet, nutrition and exercise; updates on specific medical issues and practice feedback & evaluation.

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